Drupal Specialized

Drupal Specialized

Lead Drupal developer with experience in most relevant APIs and modules and dozens of responsive D7 sites.

Drupal Done Right

Well versed in the nuances of drupal development, deployment, migration, maintainance and best practices

  • Responsive theming w/ Omega, Adaptive or Zen base
  • Menu hooks, views hooks, theme hooks and custom templates
  • Render array creation/manipulation
  • Features, versioning and patching
  • Acquia Dashboard/chron/search
  • Drush based workflow w/ aliases
  • D6 to D7 Migrations

Custom Modules Include

  • Ticketing Systems
  • Custom Commerce Carts
  • Batch entity processing
  • Chron Tasks
  • Advanced permissions and content gating
  • Multistep and AJAX enabled forms
  • 3rd party integrations
  • HTML Emails
  • Installation Profiles and Scripting